Trip to Mt. Tamalpais

#1 Background info:

I flew to visit a friend of mine in Davis on a whim. We decided to go camping to Mt. Tam because I’ve been dying to go camping and hiking. To get there I took an airplane to travel to Davis and my friend drove to the actual campsite. I gave myself $80 for this trip (Not including plane ticket). I only camped for two nights and so since the weather there was pretty chilly I packed: 1 light sweater, 1 heavy sweater, 2 pair of clothes, 2 pair of sweats, and hiking shoes.We borrowed the camping gear from my friend’s roommates and so we left her place and drove to Mt. Tam…. I got car sick on the drive up the mountain.



#2 Overall Experience :

When we first arrived to the campsite we set up our tent and we ended up sharing a campsite with a couple because the lack of space and the first-come first-serve policy. My friend and I were the first ones to arrive at the campsite but because our lack of confidence and initiative, we were unable to secure a campsite (we thought we did, but it was a handicap site and it could only be reserved until later that day. We would have known if we actually talked to the previous campers) so this kind woman offered us to share and so we did. The site was pretty small so we set up our tent on the slope. Our tent was small so it worked. After we set up we went on a hike to Stinston Beach. It was 8 miles for the whole hike and we ended up sleeping on the beach. The second day we went hiking up to the top of Mt. Tam, which was also 8 miles for the entire hike. The scenery is incredible. The hikes were tiring, but enjoyable and the people were kind: the park rangers and the couple we encountered.


#3 Food

So at Davis I mostly spent my food because I ate out. The prices tend to be higher in Davis than in Southern California, which I seriously found annoying since the food quality was about the same. Still though, I enjoyed the food. I ate sushi,a Panini (around $6.00) at a bakery, and ice cream (a scoop for $3.00) at a little food market. Those were reasonable prices and they were tasty! Sadly during the camping trip we bought about $70.00 worth of groceries, but even that wasn’t enough. We felt so unprepared because we didn’t have enough food or all the utensils such as a can opener. We had peanut butter banana sandwiches, oatmeal, terrible sandwiches and fruit, but because we were hiking all day we were hungry often.


#4 Overall Impression

Mt. Tam is absolutely gorgeous and i would love to return here, but the entire trip was a hassle. I was rushed to buy plane tickets which pressured me into accepting this trip and so I had a difficult time obtaining a ride to and from the airport. Also my friend and I were not a very good match for camping together. She and I didn’t meet eye to eye on all the decisions and she did not prepare at all for this trip, which made it difficult. Also during the hikes I felt rushed and unable to enjoy the hike. I think if I had went with someone else who I am compatible with for camping trips, I think the trip would have gone much smoother. Also since this was my first camping trip by myself (without my family) I found myself inadequately prepared. We had forgotten important things such as trash bags, but because of this I’ve learned what I need to do and bring to have a more comfortable camping trip. I also definitely suggest Mt. Tam if you want to mountain bike since they have trails and lodges on the mountain for bikers!



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