Travel to Cancun, Mexico

#1 Background info:

My family and I took our first trip together out of the country, well we have been to Mexico to visit our family a few times, but this was our first time as a vacation trip. We flew to Cancun from Tijuana, Mexico.  My family and I traveled with our cousins as well. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which all food and trips are inclusive. I don’t know how much my parents spent, and they wouldn’t tell me either, but I think that an all inclusive hotel is a good catch.


#2 Overall Experience:

I had an amazing time! Of course there is the occasional bickering among family members, but I definitely enjoyed my time with my family. Day 1, Day 4 and 5 were spent on relaxing: swimming at the pool, on the beach, and watching the shows the hotel hosted. I enjoyed two out of the three shows that I watched, which were performances by a break dancing group and fire dancers. Day 2 and 3 were spent on trips: trip to Chichen-Itza and snorkeling. My mother had a picture of us in the water, but sadly I couldn’t find it on her camera so the only picture I have is my sister and I on the boat. Snorkeling was a great experience, but after hearing my dad’s previous experience of snorkeling, one where he was surrounded many different types of fish and sea turtles!, I felt I was missing out.


The trip to Chichen-Itza. I was a bit disapointed visiting Chichen-Itza. I really wanted to climb up the stairs, but it makes perfect sense why they would not allow it. Other than that it was incredible to see these “ruins”.


#3 Food

Okay, I would not complain about the food, because it felt basically free since it was inclusive. That being said, not all of the food tasted that great and a few times my family members became sick, but that may have been because they overate. At the Hard Rock Hotel they had a Sushi, Italian, Mexican, All you can eat meat restaurant and a buffet. Personally my favorite was the buffet because the food didn’t taste over done, as in drenched in sauce. I still enjoyed having the luxury of eating all those different types of food.


#4 Overall Impression:

Cancun is beautiful and I would love to return there. One thing I would like to do next time is to visit the underwater caves and I would like to experience the zip-lines. Also the next time I visit Mexico, I would like to improve my Spanish~


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