My Smash book Journal

8-19-13: My Smash book Journal

I have a thing for creative journalism and this is only one of my many journals. It’s more specifically a smash book, which I bought at Target. I changed my smash book a bit – I ended up taking out the bindings of the journal and inserting binder rings so I can easily add more pages if I wish.

#1 – My Life Imagined

This page is more like a dream board or a constant reminder that I should be living a life I enjoy. I’ve included a list of things I enjoy to do such as: writing, volunteering, dancing, drawing, hiking… you get the picture. I’ve also included a list of attributes of the person I wish to become and I wrote about a relationship that I wish to acquire.

#2 – Quotes & Names

This page is simply quotes and names I like. Most of the names I’ve written are from my favorite books and shows. :3  Since my quotes are written small I’ll give you a quote that I’ve written: “We are the universe pretending to be individuals.” – Deepak Chopra. Most of the quotes I’ve written tend to be about my beliefs, but occasionally I’ve written some advice quotes too.

#3 – Travel page

I’m planning to create a travel journal because there are many places I want to  see and I want to document the people I’ve met and the things I’ve done in those places so I need much more room. This page is vague and merely has a list of the countries I wish to travel to, but I have a more detailed list of destinations on my pinterest: I also included a list of places I’ve traveled to so I can simply transfer these onto my future travel journal.

In the future I’ll post more pages of my journals 🙂


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