8-31-13 My Life Timeline:

Of course life doesn’t grant us the pleasures of following the plans we create for ourselves, but it doesn’t hurt to have one either. So here is a summary of the life timeline I hope to follow:




  • Travel
  • Learn: Cultures, environment and religions/ spirituality
  • Draw, paint and digital art
  • Photograph & document the world I see.
  • Sing and write music.
  • Write poetry, short stories & journal!
  • Workout and stay healthy – Hike, run and swim
  • Volunteer: elderly, poor, children, education, animals and environment
  • Lastly share with the world what I’ve learned through my blog!

After College:



  • Teach abroad: Japan, China, Korea
  • Join Peace Corp. = help with children and environment
  • Learn about the cultures and lives of the people I meet abroad – document it through writing, photography and art.(photo journal)
  • Blog about it.
  • Learn more about spirituality
  • Work out and stay healthy – bike across japan, run marathons, hike and swim.
  • Write music.
  • Maybe apprentice as a tattoo artist?
  • Sell artwork at conventions?
  • Form my own non-profit organization abroad


Return Home:



  • Move to Alaska/ Oregon
  • Apprentice as a tattoo artist and work for conservation corp.
  • Own a tattoo shop – photograph my tattoos and display in shop
  • Sell my artwork/ wiccan shop: hand created journals, candles etc.
  • Publish anthology of my short stories/ poetry and photography
  • Sell artwork at conventions
  • Study more about spirituality and become spiritual teacher/ healer
  • Have children! Marriage?
  • Travel! Scotland, Russia,Ireland etc.

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