9-13-13: School Decisions

The school year has began, and already three weeks in and I forget who I am. All I can see are the mundane things I have to do: loans accumulating, tests, homework, flat tires, lost keys, work and so on. Stress has been my constant companion, but I’m trying to rid of him. I’m a double major and my Japanese major is taking a toll on me. Decisions, decisions. I enjoy my classmates, who have been the same classmates since my first year and I love the fact that I’m improving my Japanese, but these upper division courses are keeping me up till the early morning and they are swallowing my time to learn the world around me.

People are always striving to be “happy”, but I’m not searching for “happiness”, merely the time to utilize my time in college to learn the world around me, but I believe I’m mostly conflicted is because I’m unsure if Japanese will help me after college (I want to teach abroad in Japan). Or if I should find something else that will help me into peace corp. etc.I guess this will be something that I will have to ponder on and come up with my decision by the end of this semester.

Besides this, I have my friends to help me de-stress. The photo below was at a school event: we played video games (Street Fighter), ate free food,received free henna tattoos and we went out to eat sushi – yum! It was a day where I focused my thoughts on enjoying myself.


So if you’re rundown by school and work, make sure you have time to spend by yourself and your friends so you can de-stress!


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