Halloween Writing Challenge: Monster

10-12-13: Halloween Writing challenge I

Who am I? I ask myself.
The question is silenced.
Silence. Silence. Nothing follows, but the eerie sound of nothingness.

From the abyss, noises of clanging and screeching echo;
The obnoxious voices grow more violent.
Louder and louder, they become. No longer silent.
Confusion, chaos, words that I cannot comprehend turn into a melodic tempo.

My stomach aches, but hungers: something has gone amiss.
My innards prance from my cracked lips.
The pinks and dark reds decorate the concrete floor.
My puke empting my cavern to the core.

Screams I need screams
The soft whimpers of men and the terrorizing shrieks from women
Will become great instruments to the melodic tempo, if you just listen.

Flesh I need flesh
Soft and chewy entrails shall satisfy my sweet tooth
And my body may be revitalized as if I had drank from the fountain of youth

My stringy hair tangles and knots – it strangles my neck.
As it pulls tighter, it leeches onto my damp skin.
And strips me of my breath.
Beneath my rotting flesh, something has awakened from within.

I think I’ve become a monster.


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