Room Transformation


Growing up I always wanted my own bedroom, and once my family moved into a new home, I was able to have my bedroom! It’s been 4 years since we moved in, but I’ve finally decided to actually put effort in making my room aesthetically appealing.

I don’t have many before pictures and the ones that I do have aren’t befores of the images shown above, but either way I will still show the transformation.

Here is my room in my previous home, a mobile home. An absolutely cluttered mess, but at the time I loved it.

Here is my room, before I began decorating it. As you can see I had to put as many images on the wall as possible.

Lastly, this is an image of when I was slowly transitioning into the eclectic theme of my room. Such as the pencil holder and the framed picture. I also realized sticking as many pictures onto the wall (without any frame) made my room look more cluttered so I tried to minimize.

Obviously there was a drastic change in taste from my middle school years to late high-school and college years (I think it had to do with my obsession with Japanese culture haha). I still want to have my fan-art posters displayed, because I love looking at them, and so I’m planning to create a large framed cork board. I have much more to work on, and I want to finish it before I move out!


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