Halloween Writing Challenge III Vampire


Yes, It’s past Halloween, but I must finish what I didn’t. Besides it forces me to continue to write. I do question on my improvement though. I think it would be nice to take a grammar class – I think I would see some results and be more satisfied with my writings. Here it is:

“Condemned, damned creatures formed by the hand of God.
Creatures, damned, condemned to prey on the living.
Creatures, damned to never see the sun. Monsters.”

Damned and condemned, we are.
Condemned to spend eternity on earth,
And damned because we must witness the women who bore us
fall beneath the soil and we can no longer see their smiles on Sunday morning.

Damned and condemned, we are,
But the living are more monstrous than the damned.
They destroy our only living mother: they tear at her limbs and root her from the soil.
As men grow stronger, stronger in numbers, she grows weaker.
We prey on the living, not for vengeance, but because we are creatures of God.

We are creatures of the night. We are the constellation of stars that watch upon the living. We are the deathbed men sleep in. We are protectors of the trees.

Monsters: I think not.


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