Flow with the course of the Universe

❝We must use whatever methods we can to understand the movement of the universe around us and time our actions so that we are not fighting the currents, but moving with them.❞ 

– Sayuri


We are constantly fighting the currents and pushing because we are blinded with what we believe we desire. Our desires are molded and designed by the people that we surround ourselves with, by loneliness, by the economy, by lust, by society’s standards and we are left believing that this artificial creation is actually our true desire.

❝The Taoist teaches that the “superior man” finds his ultimate reality in the center of “self”. But this cannot be obtained except through placing oneself in harmony with the rhythms of the universe.❞ 

– Van Over

The center of “self” is your higher-self and it is in sync with the rhythms of the universe. It knows what you truly desire, what you need and if you listen to your higher-self, you too will be in sync with the universe.

An example, you can fight with the universe as you try to become a doctor because you believe this is actually what you want to do, but the universe keeps setting you back from reaching it. The problem is you don’t realize that this dream of “yours” is not actually yours. You fear that you won’t be successful or you won’t have security and so you believe this is actually what you desire, but it is an artificial desire. In actuality your desire is to help people, but the universe has many paths for you that you can take, paths that allow you to help people and paths that you will actually enjoy taking.

Quiet your mind and focus on how you feel, don’t think, feel. Feel the course of the water, and flow with it. Feel the emotions that flow through your body and you will know what it is that you truly desire and follow it. This way, you are not fighting the currents, but you are moving with them. Listen to your intuition: this is your higher-self speaking to you and it is whispering in your ear the secrets to flow with the universe and all you have to do is listen.

❝I follow the Way of the water instead of imposing a course of my own… I do it without knowing how I do it…❞

– Lieh Tzu

Image: http://alexandrasophie.deviantart.com/art/Girl-and-the-ocean-394472629?q=favby%3Aartdrawnbyvomitxx%2F45005668&qo=15


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