My 2014 Goals


Overall 2013, was a bit of an unproductive year, but it was enjoyable. I had a list of goals for 2013 and I did complete a few, but because I didn’t have a well put system, I didn’t accomplish all. I mostly focused on a list of things I enjoy to do and ensured that I incorporated that list into my monthly goals. Here it is: image

In this list there were sub-parts such as Exercise consisted of hiking, running and swimming and Writing consisted of journaling, poetry and short stories. This helped me have an enjoyable year, but I still feel I have many things to do left in my lap so I had to create a better system. I have created a system that I believe will work, and will be posted later this week, hopefully 2014 will be a year I accomplish more.Here is a few things from my 2014 Goal list:


I have very specific goals so that I don’t feel overwhelmed by a large goal such as lose weight, but also the specific goals ensure I am completing these umbrella goals above from my life list. So for instance I am drawing by completing a sketchbook. So I look forward to this year! I hope it doesn’t rush by me like 2013 did.


Life does not always flow gently and it should be expected. These past few years I have been pushed from my comfort zone. I used to be coddled by my family and my home, but living away has become a great change and for the better. Every experience I had has made me a more fuller person. The dark and the light. I understand that this world can be dark; “Source is all: dark and light…creation and destruction”. I’ve had trouble with who I am and who I was in the past. I didn’t recognize the person who was doing things that people did not approve of. I despised myself, but now that I have realized that what I have done is only a part of me and still a part of source, I’m on a path of accepting my entire self and those who I believed have wronged me.


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