Earth Magic Notes


Earth Magic, written by Steven D. Farmer.

Because we are children of Earth and subject to nature’s laws, what is our goal as human beings to harmonize ourselves with Earth?

  • We, as humans are stewards of our planet and to harmonize ourselves with Earth, it must be individually, communally and societal so ultimately we are restoring our relationship with Earth on an individual and collective level.
  • We must reconnect with our spiritual selves so we can tune in with the needs of the Earth and realize that we are merely an aspect of a larger “network of sentient beings”.
  • By expanding your inclusiveness on the spiritual, intuitive and material level you come into communion with all of creation, in all its diversity of form.

– Just a thought:I found it interesting that we must all come into communion with material forms, because most religions view our existence on earth merely “as a vehicle to transcend oneself to an ethereal realm or to stop the entire process of reincarnation, but we are here now and our bodies are created from Earth and our physical selves are connected to the very ground we walk on at a fundamental level.” Sex, food, nature are all blessings of existing in material form. Do not be ashamed for appreciating what our material selves offer us, but also do not get lost in it, we must appreciate our spiritual selves as well.

I’ll have more notes up later.


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