Values/ Traits I Wish to Work On

1-15-14: Values/ Traits


Today is the Cold Moon and so in part of my celebration I have reflected on my personal-traits and traits I wish to work on. I was also inspired by Kaichou wa Maid-sama, because so far Misaki has an admirable personality, which I wish I could be more like. So here is a list of traits I wish to work on:

  • Strength: inner-strength and physical strength.
  • Resilience: this is also associated with my ideal inner-strength
  • Clear-mindedness: I have difficulty making decisions or taking action because I tend to think of other people’s opinions, or sometimes I merely freeze up when I’m put in an unexpected situation. I would like to work on being clear headed so that I can say what I truly wish to say or do what I truly wish to do on the spot.
  • Fearlessness/ Ferocity: This is associated with clear-mindedness. I would need to be fearless in order to say what I am truly thinking.
  • Knowledgeable: It would be pretty awesome if I could have this large collection of knowledge in my head that I could access so I can easily use words as my weapon whenever I’m in a sticky situation.
  • Articulate with words: I think because I have difficulty being clear-headed, I don’t have a way with words, but I also find myself struggling forming my thoughts into cohesive sentences. Also how would I use my knowledge to get myself out of sticky situations if I can’t articulate my words?
  • Wittiness: Okay, when it comes to wittiness I seriously have .5% in this department and I’m pretty sure it has to deal with the fact that I’m not articulate when it comes to speaking.
  • Selflessness

Here are some characters with my ideal traits:

Strength/ Resilience/ Ferocity: 

Edward Elric – I’ve been in love with him for quite a while.


 Knowledgeable/ Articulate with words/ Witty:

Tyrion Lannister – He’s not my favorite character from Game of Thrones, but I do admire his way with words and he’s the only character I can think of who holds these qualities.


Fearless/ Clear-Headed/ Resilient:

Senjougahara, Hitagi – She is honestly bad ass. She has no supernatural strength yet she is willing to risk her life in order to protect others even when she is up against supernatural beings. She also does not fear speaking the truth. Seriously I’m in love with her.



Natsume, Takashi – He is kind toward humans and youkai and sacrifices so much even after being ostracized by both humans and youkai,  who can be more selfless than he is?


Now, I cannot forget to admire the traits that I possess:

  • open-minded
  • expressive
  • empathetic
  • introspective
  • composed (with most situations, not all of course)
  • courage (not that I could always use some more)
  • sensuality

Also it’s important to know what you value so you know what your Higher-Self is striving for, so here is a list of values and highlight the ones that speak to you.


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