Guardian of the Sacred Spirit Review


Okay, I have yet to reveal my goal system and planner, but I will as soon as I can transfer the pictures from my camera to my computer. Thankfully because of this system, I can see what I have accomplished and I don’t feel as stagnant as I felt in the previous years. So for January I’ve finished two animes: Guardian of the Sacred Spirit and Nisemonogatari. I’ve also finished a book: Earth and covered ¾ths of A Dance with Dragons. 

Here is a review for Guardian of the Sacred Spirit also known as Seirei no Moribito


3 Words to describe this anime: heartwarming, spiritual/ magickal, realistic

This anime is about a female guard, Balsa, who is hired to protect prince Chagum. Chagum’s father has tried to assassinate Chagum multiple times, after discovering he is being possessed by a water spirit. Balsa also learns that she is not only protecting Chagum from the court assassins, but also spirits that want to harm the water spirit.

Ideally for: those who love the feudal era (not exactly sure if this is feudal japan), strong female leads and for people who enjoy seeing characters grow. This anime does have action, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to people who are only interested in the action. I think this anime revolves more on the development of the characters and their relationships. Personally I enjoy the touch of shamanism because of my beliefs and Balsa is an admirable character because she is not only a “strong” character, but a whole character. She does not deny her feelings toward Chagum and loves him as a her own child.


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