Sakurasou no Pet Na Kanajo Review/Thoughts



3 words to describe this anime: heartwarming, slice of life, adorable

The school romantic comedy revolves around a second-year high school student named Sorata Kanda who lives in Sakurasou, the dormitory for problem children at Sorata’s school. One day, Mashiro Shiina—a cute girl who happens to be also a cosmopolitan, brilliant artist—moves into Sakurasou.

Sorata thinks to himself that he should protect Mashiro from the weirdos at Sakurasou, but Mashiro has a surprising secret: she has no idea how to take care of herself. She gets lost if she goes out, and her room is a complete mess. Sorata’s dorm mates designate him as the “master” of Mashiro, and thus, an ordinary boy and a brilliant girl must live like “a master and his pet.”


Personal thoughts:

This anime is adorable. I didn’t expect much from it, but this anime was able to tell the truth through a work of fiction.

One of my favorite scenes was when Nanami cried out that she shouldn’t be treated like a saint and that she was selfishly helping others because she didn’t want the past two years to go to waste. I truly admired Nanami after that scene, because I believe stories tend to depict self-sacrificing characters and usually it doesn’t depict reality. Nanami is admirable because although what she did was for selfish reasons, she was able to admit that and still aid her friends.

I definitely identified myself with Sorata when he was crushed after putting all his effort and his dreams would not flourish, and Shiina would continue to have everything. What I loved about Sorata was that he was willing to admit this to Shiina and still say/ and still be in love with her. He was also still willing to pursue his dreams despite the many times he failed.

“Your future is decided by forces beyond your power. no matter how hard you work, there are things you cannot change.”

“But if you put your mind to it you can change the color of the world in an instant. What color do you want to be?” – Sorata


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