Life is always in a constant flux. Plans are deranged. The people in our lives come and go. Life is fragile. Sometimes I think how unbelievably ridiculous my life can change course when I see those around me who have been greeted with unexpected paths. I’m afraid, but one thing I have learned is to not be attached. It may sound apathetic, but it isn’t. You can still love and appreciate people and the moments in your life, but they are fleeting memories. They will soon be replaced with new ones, and even ones that are least expected. Accept them and appreciate them. This way impermanence is a gift. It may bring sorrow and stress, but know that impermanence can bring joy and love.

As I usually quote,  ‘Walk on your own. Move forward. You got a good strong pair of legs. You should get up and use them.’

– Edward Elric


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