Pre-departure To Do List: Korea

Before I go on a trip, I ensure to plan carefully so I can enjoy my travels without any big worries. So this is my pre-departure to do list for Korea. It is catered to my needs, but hopefully this can give you ideas for your planning before any trip.


  • Raise Money
  • Create Budget: $1,000 on activities and products, $500 on food, $75 on souvenirs
  • Contact bank to let them know I’m traveling
  • Exchange $500 into Korean won


  • Shots: typhoid and hepatitis A; may need Japanese encephalitis, hepatitis B and malaria
  • Call insurance to ensure I have travel insurance


  • Understand transportation system/ bus/ subway schedule
  • Learn Korean alphabet and survival phrases; purchase Korean learning app
  • Understand T money/ t card


  • Turn off phone-data
  • Plan desired events: where to go and how you are going to get there

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