Things to do in Korea



So I’ve basically made a list of things I’ve experienced that maybe others would be interested in doing:

  • Watch a movie: whether it is in English or Korean, you’ll definitely enjoy the experience, but most likely you will want to understand the content of the film so if possible check if they have a screening with English subtitles.
  • Clubbing: You can find many clubs in Hongdae and may find some that have free entry before 12 AM. Once at Insomnia, in Hongdae, men and women had free entry including unlimited free drinks before 12 AM
  • Drinking: If you’re 20 (Korean age) you can drink wherever you like, unless prohibited, so it was cool to drink out at night in the park. Alcohol is inexpensive too. Soju costs around $3.00 for a bottle. Please drink responsibly though!


  • Noraebang: Noraebang is karaoke in a closed room so it’s fun to go with friends and pretty inexpensive.
  • Hike up Mt. Teju: You can find a large buddha statue and a temple up the hike and the scenery is beautiful.


  • Bowling/ Pocketball (billiards): If you’re with friends and want to find something inexpensive to do or just want to kill some time ~ it’s always fun to do these.


  • Shop: My favorite places to shop were underground shopping malls. Especially Gagnam (it can be found once you exit the subway). I also found some great shops in Cheonan’s Yaori (downtown Cheonan).


  • Yonggunsa Temple in Busan: Here you can find souvenir shops on your way to the temple and great street food! Also Busan is known for the beach so hopefully you go at a time where you are allowed to take a dip in the water. When I went the tide was too strong so we weren’t allowed in.


  • Lotte World/ Everland: These theme parks don’t compare to the ones in California, but either way you can find some fun here and some pretty fun rides. Also Everland has a waterpark so if you have the time and want to cool off you can go there.
  • Jimjalbang: I’m definitely glad I had the experience to go to a public bathhouse. It was more embarrassing being naked in front of my friends than just being naked in front of strangers so if you’re worried about that then experience this by yourself! You can shower and relax in a bath. They provide clothes and towels. You can sleep there too if you have no place to stay for the night, but it’s not entirely comfortable to sleep on the floor. Some jimjalbangs have other treatments you can purchase such as massages, manicures/ pedicures etc.


  • Cafe: I love the atmosphere of the cafes! The food and drinks are tasty and the decor is quite calming. Common food in cafes include: Bing Su and Waffle Toast.



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