Photo-Journalism: All is one and one is all


Korea Edition:

I’ve met many wonderful people and I don’t simply mean the first stages of friendship when everyone is happy-go-cheery. I’ve had moments with my new friends when we would bicker or grow tired of each other, but in the end we always worked it out. I plan to return to Korea so I will only be posting a few interviews that I’ve collected and will complete it when I return. I apologize before-hand that the photographs are not up to par as I would like, but I didn’t realize that I should have started this from the beginning.

I am posting a few photos of the people I’ve befriended. I count these people as my family even if I do not see them again They have become a part of a collection in my memories.


My partner teacher for the English Village program. We weren’t exactly a perfect match for partners, but either way I’m thankful he was my partner teacher.


My roommates! They are all beautiful people. We definitely had our moments of anger and frustrations, but we were able to get through it! They all have such interesting personalities and even though I feel as if I’ve known them all my life I want to learn more about them!


The two closest to the camera were teachers I had the pleasure of meeting. Both were dorky and adorable. I was able to be myself with them. The one across from me is my lovely roommate.


I met these Japanese girls at a bus stop and they invited me for lunch. It was an experience I would not forget as I struggled to use my four years of Japanese to communicate with them (I knew more Japanese than they knew English). They are adorable and even though I knew them for a short period of time, I will not forget them.


My students! I love them all! I do not have a photo of all my students ~ this is simply my first block. I enjoyed teaching them and it has made me realize that this is something I will love to do for the next period of my life.


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