Photo-Journalism: All is one and one is all

Korea Edition:

Friend spoken to: Maria Rosa


Her name:

The nickname we gave her is Maria Rosa. Both my co-partner teacher and I are Mexican and our students requested English names, but instead we gave them Spanish names for flair. The only reason they requested English names is because many of the English teachers had difficult times remembering and pronouncing their names, but I wanted to learn their names. So I did and I always used them. I had difficulty pronouncing a few of my students’ names so I just went by their family name, but I learned Maria Rosa’s real name. That will remain anonymous though.

When I first met her she was reserved and rarely volunteered answers during class period. I’m not exactly sure when our friendship quite struck, but I found her to be incredibly interesting and adorable. She has a beautiful smile and personality.

Her life and future:

Maria Rosa is certificated in Korean food and works at a restaurant and is second head chef. She is in charge of making pastas and sandwiches. Originally she wanted to be a chef, but she came to realize that head chefs work many hours and are not paid proportionate to their long hours. So like her father, she is working toward owning a business.

Thoughts on traveling:

Maria Rosa’s close friend has traveled to many places and her stories has influenced Maria Rosa to travel the world and to see how it actually is.

What would you want my readers to know about you?

Awhile ago (perhaps a couple of years) I saw my friends b-boy(ing). They danced so well and I wanted to be able to dance with them so I took classes to b-boy. It was a challenge, but now I have the confidence to join them.

My own thoughts:

Maria Rosa is hard-worker. She studies English on her own time with no real objective, but just to know. She also knows French because of her interest in Paris. She surrounds herself with people who increase her greatness: her sister lends her narratives and her and her friends promise each other to read philosophical texts. She really is a beautiful person.


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