Urban Exploration: The One With the Strangers


So I started the new year by visiting an abandoned home. It was down the street from my house so I walked there. The house itself is soon to be for sell. Inside there are remnants of children’s clothes and toys, couches, blankets, and newspapers. All along the walls words were written with red paint and on some walls gray paint was pasted over the words. Several times there was mention of the black baptist church and in particular, I read “No sex allowed black baptist church cloths 10 years, keep your clothes on, show respect for others.” I’m not entirely sure what that means.

I wanted to go inside, through the open window, but I had a feeling a homeless person was there so I didn’t want to intrude. As my friend and I were leaving, two middle-aged men drove up. One man came out of his car and asked us that if the house was for sale, I simply replied that it was apparently so and the other man got out as well. We left and I looked back at the men, their eyes followed us. I thought they were going to look at the house, but they just walked in the front yard and talked, and were looking in our direction. I looked back again and they returned to their car and drove away. I’m not entirely sure what these men were up to, but my friend and I agreed that it was strange that they got out of their car for perhaps 5 minutes, and then drove away.

P.S. I apologize for the crappy quality of photos that I took through the window.


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