Self-Portrait Autobiography

Anime has strangely have had a large influence in my life, which is why I have many drawings pertaining to anime and also simply because I enjoy it. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has led me to study spiritual alchemy, and I have learned much about myself through my studies. The yin yang koi fish, ouroboros, and the philosopher’s stone alchemical symbol, the universe are representations of my beliefs that essentially: “All is One.”  Anime has also made me open my eyes to a world outside of myself. I now study Asia and although my focus is East Asia, I love learning about South and South East Asia, which is why I included the Tibetan Takstang Monastery. It represents my continuous learning of Asia. In general I love to learn and read. Thus, I’ve included a book. I also often create with my hands, which is why they are included in the self-portrait. I draw, paint, and write.

Essentially, I am creator of Universes, because I am all and all is one.

Here is the photo reference I’ve used for Howl’s Moving Castle:
I’ve also used Takato Yamamoto’s art for the layout of this photo, such as:



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