Anime Recommendation: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun



3 Words to describe this anime: adorable, hilarious, fun

I had a difficult time on deciding the last word to describe this anime, but I used fun because whenever I watch this show, it puts me in a good mood.


High school student Chiyo Sakura has a crush on schoolmate Umetarou Nozaki, but when she confesses her love to him, he mistakes her for a fan and gives her an autograph. When she says that she always wants to be with him, he invites her to his house and has her help on some drawings. Chiyo discovers that Nozaki is actually a renowned shoujo manga artist named Sakiko Yumeno. She then agrees to be his assistant in order to get closer to him. As they work on his manga, they encounter other schoolmates who assist them or serve as inspirations for characters in the stories.

My Thoughts:

I enjoy this anime because these characters are not your typical shoujo characters – the side characters including. Each potential romantic pairings and friendship pairings are fun to watch. I’ve seriously fallen in love with each character in this show; they are all goofy and dorky. I have about 3 crushes on this show haha! Although people may be frustrated that the ending does not directly show that these characters have mutual feelings toward each other, they show enough romance to make me believe that the characters, not all, are fine with simply expressing their romantic feelings in their own way. I also recommend the manga, it is just as funny, and the art is cute as well! Hopefully you guys are like me and think that Nozaki and Sakura do not need an outright confession, and that they are already a couple without actually acknowledging it. Of course, though, I would like to see this happen. Hopefully they have a second season!!

Rating: 8/10

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