For what once was…


Here is a photo-series of where I grew up. My familynow rents out our barn and mobile home. It’s been about 7 years since we lived
there. It now looks desolate and soulless. Once, we had goats, chickens,
horses, and a fruitful pomegranate tree. The first picture above was our mobile
home. The pine tree once stood tall; flowers and orange trees embellished the
yard. The second picture and fifth picture is from the porch of my grandma’s
house, which is down the hill of the ranch. She still lives there so all her plants
are still alive. The third picture is a ladder that once led to a tree house my
father built, but the tree house is no longer there. The fourth picture is a
photograph of my dad’s old shed. The car that is abandoned there was the car
that my brother totaled in a car accident; the shed itself is collapsing. The
seventh picture was where my family did laundry. It looked like that back then
as well. The last picture is our barn.

These photos are not only physical
remnants of my past, but also of memories that I hold dear. Often the settings
of my dreams are here, at this ranch, and I believe that it is because I cannot
recall the events of my past and my unconscious does not want me to forget it.

I took these photos because it is a representation
of what has changed: the degradation of what lays there, the change in my relationship
with my parents, and change in who I am and what I believe.


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