So, although I do not plan to get married anytime soon, I
still have ideas for my dream wedding, because I can’t help it – I’m a hopeless romantic. My most favorite concepts out of these are the first and the last. I like the idea of magic in elves, and I must say that Arwen and her love were beautiful, so I centered my theme around Arwen and Aragorn. Music would consist of Celtic folksongs, and perhaps during the actual wedding the Council of Elrond would play – it’s a beautiful song! In all the pictures above, I included two rings that mold together, which are of the sun and the stars for a couple’s wedding rings.  It reminded me of Drogo in Game of Thrones when he says, “Moon of my life … my sun and stars.” My venue would be in a garden, not one that often grooms the plants to shape them, but a garden that runs wild. If outdoors didn’t work, I wouldn’t mind a small cabin, where we could also have the chance to go outside for the reception. Although I did not include it in a picture above, but I want lights everywhere; I want them to hang from the trees and wrap around branches to look like fireflies or the stars. It would be a small affair, and I have yet to think of food, but I want everyone to dance, enjoy themselves, and laugh.






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