Earn your TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) Certificate in Cambodia & Thailand


I’m currently enrolled in a TEFL course with International TEFL Academy in Cambodia and Thailand: http://www.internationalteflacademy.com/. I’ll be departing September 25th!


Photograph of a temple, I presume, in Pattaya, Thailand

What the Program Offers: The course is 4 weeks and it is held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for the first two weeks and the latter half of the course is held in Pattaya, Thailand. The course also offers 10-20 teaching hours in Thailand starting the third week.

  • Housing: The program also offers a housing package at an additional cost of $550, but it includes transportation to the school and flight from Cambodia to Thailand, airport pick-up, and free breakfast meals. Housing has air conditioning, wifi, free laundry services, and a free massage per week.
  • Excursions: planned excursions to Angkor Wat, Laos, and Sihanoukville. If you also want to be scuba certified, you can pay for training for $300.
  • Thai Culture and Language courses: 20 – 30 hours of classes
  • Course Materials: Books and workbooks are included the program fee.

Photograph of Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Photograph of Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Cost of Program & Whole Trip: Estimation of $3,570

  • The program itself costs $1,750 and housing costs $550. 
  • Roundtrip airfare for me cost $670, but I waited last minute (2 months ahead to buy, but if you can purchase your airfare 4 months ahead of time, you can find airfare for a cheaper price).
  • You’ll also have to purchase a tourist visa in both Cambodia and Thailand, which will total at $50
  • Food: Estimated of $200, which would mostly cover local food. Foreign food will be more expensive.
  • Miscellaneous: ie. going out for drinks, buying souvenirs, and other activities would be an estimation of $250. I tend to spend most of my money for activities and I’m pretty good with not spending on unnecessary purchases.
  • Travel: cost for transportation ie buses, taxes etc. $100. I don’t plan to travel far from my school. The course will pretty much keep me busy, so I won’t have the time to travel to many places during the program, but I’m planning to travel a bit after the end of my course.

Although I’ve been scrapping for money, I know this will be a rewarding experience and definitely worth it. The certificate will also enable me to teach English in South Korea and in China for higher pay.


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