How to Overcome Suffering



What suffering am I referring to?

The suffering I am referring to is any suffering that you experience: depression, guilt, fear, anxiety, and even the suffering of desire. For instance, the longing to be somewhere else, doing something else; basically wanting what you don’t have. Even the suffering of  “loving” someone. If you are suffering by loving someone, then it’s the attachment of the ego, which wants to be loved and paid attention to. It’s not the pure love of the Higher-Self. Suffering originates from the ego’s desires and cravings. Ego is the embodiment of your thoughts. You are not your thoughts – you are something greater and more expansive. You are your Higher-Self.

What is the Higher-Self?


Higher-Self is what you are! It is the being that is connected to all that exists physically and spiritually. It is timeless. It is everything and it is nothing. Higher-Self does not judge and does not create the duality of bad and good. So, when you experience something that what the ego considers “bad” ie. losing your job, Higher-Self does not judge and accept it as is. There is no suffering.

In the future I may have a more in-depth explaining of what the Higher-Self is. If you’re interested in knowing more – message me!

So how to overcome suffering?

Become your Higher-Self! In order to become your Higher-Self there are two paths to take course:

  1. Watch the Thinker”: Objectively look at your thoughts; do not associate yourself with your thoughts and do not judge them! If you have difficulty understanding your thoughts, look at your emotions. Amplified thoughts become physical and they become your emotions. If your thoughts and emotions are contradicting: ie. a friend has betrayed you and you say you are okay with it, but at the same time you’ve been angry lately. Your emotions portray your true thoughts! Look to them to understand what you’re really thinking. Once you can look at your thoughts objectively, you’ll be able to dissociate yourself from your thoughts and you’ll have no judgement for what happens and you will not feel envious, angry, or any other form of suffering.
  2. Experience the Now: Do you know mindfulness? It is to experience this moment as it is. No worry or anxiety of the future and no guilt or sadness from the past. It is to be in this moment. To fully feel, to hear, to see, to smell, to taste, and to breathe. No judgement of what is happening, but to experience.

This information has been gathered from the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, but with a few changes of words based off my beliefs.


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