A Day with My Boyfriend


I haven’t been dating Joe for very long, but we get along so well and we have great conversations along with other great interactions 😉 Today I went over his place early in the morning and we made breakfast: hash browns, sausage, hard boiled eggs, and coffee. It was nice to make something with a significant other and it was even fun to do the dishes together! The last photo was taken by my boyfriend. He wanted to try out my camera.

After breakfast we headed to the gym; he was pretty much my personal trainer. He’s a cage fighter, boxer, and does jiu jitsu. So, he corrected my form. I normally hate working out with other people, but I loved working out with him! I was able to push myself. After our workout we ate soup with bread from Barron’s and we talked about his family’s name history, which intertwined with Spain’s aboriginals and the Celts. We have so many things we want to experience together: take a class together at a Junior College, travel to Germany and Japan together, and in the immediate future – share our favorite restaurants! He wants to take me to a Cuban restaurant and I want to take him to try Bing Su – a native Korean dessert dish. I love spending time with him and I can’t wait for new experiences! It’s also nice just to do everyday things with him.


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