Couple Rings


So, why have I been posting tons of blog posts of my relationship? Because I’m crazy about Joe and we mesh so well. I also am trying my best to appreciate what have I now with my photographs, and even if it is fleeting or not. I mentioned to Joe about couple rings in Korea and how they signify the commitment in a relationship even if you’re not married yet. So, we bought hematite rings from a local New Age store, Ladies of the Lake. Our rings literally cost 79 cents. Hematite is used for healing, grounding, and protection purposes. I also haven’t mentioned, but he has a son! Two sons in fact! It’s amusing because on our first date he mentioned he had two sons, but I had only caught that he had one by the end of the date, although he had told me much earlier. And, I found out about his second son, like four dates later. I’m a slow learner. But, every time, I was caught by surprise. Of course, I accept that, and I would never replace their mother, but if I’m to accept Joe wholly, his children are a part of the package.


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