Cambodian Life: Arrival

A Bumpy Start

Worst first impression. Let’s start from the beginning: I
had a 20 hour flight, so I’m exhausted walking out of the airport. But, the flight iself wasn’t absolutely terrible. I had a whole row to myself and I was able to watch Insurgent and Inception. I flew on China Eastern Airline. I actually like it’s food. Not to mention, my boyfriend and I miss-communicated during my transfer, so not only do I miss him terribly, but I also didn’t get the chance to clear things up with him: his phone was dying and I had to leave for my next flight. When I arrived in Phnom Penh, the air was sticky and warm, but that, I didn’t mind. I found my ride: he was smiling and holding a sign that had my name on it. That made me happy and I was ready to go check out the hotel. Well as we are walking to the tuk tuk, I hear a guy and a young lady speaking behind me. And, well their conversation made me feel at unease. The guy is a typical partier and drinker; I was hoping that they wouldn’t be following me on the tuk tuk. And, well they were. He was friendly and was trying to be approachable, but already, I didn’t like him very much. I’m also incredibly awkward with strong outgoing personality types. So, I had to hear him and the young lady talk the whole way.


Phnom Penh: Unsettling First Impression

We drive by this river and it starts to reek like shit and the guy notes, “this
is your home for the next three weeks,” and I sort of die inside. I could only compare to Korea, and their rivers were clean and smelt simply like river water, but this reeked of sewage. I’m hoping that the hotel would be a gem in the needle patch, but I find that it fits right in to this neighborhood. I immediately ask the man who is showing me to my room about the wifi and he says the signal is not that strong. This worries me. I really want to be able to contact my friends and family back at home because I’m already feeling home sick.

Check out this link for the hotel I stayed at:

Troubles Back at Home

I also have other worries back at home: my dog recently fell ill and my friend is a vet tech. She was messaging
me updates about my dog. And, it looks like things may get worse for her, which makes me really not want to be here right now. The room is eerie and clean as best as it could be. I guess I can’t expect luxury. But with my dog and my boyfriend back at home, I have the itch to return. I don’t want it to be like this. I want to enjoy my time here. Experience it to the fullest. I want to know all of Cambodia. I also know a lot about the Cambodian economy and politics. It’s corrupt and drives the people to the outskirts of town. So, I’m not sure why I expected something like Korea because I know it has a totally different background. From here on – it shall only get better… I hope.


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