Cambodian Life: LC Asia – Marady Hotel Review

So, during your stay for the International TEFL Academy or Overseas program, you’ll be in Cambodia for three weeks then depart to the country you are staying at. In my case, Thailand. The hotel is owned by the director of Cambodian program, so you’ll be staying at Malady Hotel. Now, in this video that I’m sharing, I was not happy at all. I just wanted to head back home, but now that I’ve stayed here for a week, it has become a decent home. Here are some updates about the hotel and the amenities you can expect.


1) The staff is friendly enough to ask for requests. If something is broken or you are missing something, speak to the staff. They’ll fix it or give you what you need.

2) Wifi works pretty well down in the lobby, so if it is not working well for you in the room, downstairs is your best bet. The staff recently added an additional router on the fifth floor, so I can now use wifi in my room. It’s pretty fast, but a bit slow on video calls.

3) They do give you toilet paper! Enough said.

4) The food is decent and middle range priced. Around $1.75, the cheapest, to $5.00, the most expensive. You can find meals down the street for a dollar though, but I get pretty lazy to go out to eat, so I’ll usually eat here.

5) You can refill your water bottle downstairs. They also have a bar in the basement with an outdoor pool and a pool table.


1) They do offer free washing, but it’s not really washing. They simply wet it, hang it up to dry for a bit, and stuff it in a bag when it’s a bit moist. One of my friends even had ants in her laundry. This makes me wary of my sheets and towels…

2) Women safety isn’t really a thing here in Cambodia, and the owner, doesn’t really enforce it. Well at least, with Cambodian women. It may be a different story if it was someone from the program. I bring this up because the other night a prostitute was locked up in a room and the two men who had came in with her tied her up and stole her things. There was no mention about this from the owner and the staff blamed the victim. I had to find this out through the other students.

3) It’s not as fancy as other hotels, but it does fulfill my needs. There is a gym in the basement, but the equipment is old and doesn’t really work. There is also only a few weight machines, around 4, and there is one treadmill and one bicycle machine.


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