Cambodian Life: Meeting People within the TEFL program


A turnaround

Okay, so today was a complete turnaround from my arrival.
One, I found out that my dog is doing just fine. My family had taken her for surgery. Yeah, I owe them $800, but I think it’s worth my dog’s life. Two, my boyfriend and I jumped over the hurdle, temporarily. Three, I was able to meet some awesome people; the annoying guy I met my first day is not a part of the program, thank god.  In the morning I had met someone within the program and I was invited to join a group to the mall. I’m meeting people through different associations. Joining people to go to the
pool and then going out with a few different people to eat. It’s nice to get to know people’s stories and the things you have in common with others. One girl I met, she too has just recently been in a relationship, but she is pretty serious with her girlfriend. They too are also making long distance
relationships work.


Photo with me and a group of friends visiting Angkor Wat. A post of this trip will follow.

Blast from the Past: I think not… More like Fuck Me

Fucking crazily enough, B, who I’ve mentioned earlier in my blog
posts is part of the program; I dated him shortly. When we were dating, I had told him about teaching abroad and he was incredibly interested in it. He changed his career plans from Police officer to English teacher! We were planning to go together, but he had decided to go at an earlier date than me. I was fine with it because I was thinking well, I’ll meet up with you in Thailand. But, he ended up avoiding me and I confronted him saying, “it’s obvious that you don’t want to be with me,” and with his reply, “I’m glad we’re on the same page.”. I’m assuming it’s because of two main reasons that he ended it with me: one, I wasn’t ready to have sex with him and two, he didn’t want to be committed in a relationship. So, when I saw him all I could think of, “what the fuck is he doing here!?” “how am I supposed to react?” Eventually, I went up to him and he blatantly told me he still liked me and that we should hang out. Um, hell to the no; you are selfish, boy. I don’t stay friends with people who treat me like crap, and I’m also not interested in having sex with you still. I’m in love and in a great relationship with my man. I don’t need B, at all. It bothers me that he is on this program, but I’m still having fun with
everyone else and we just smile and say hi. But inside, all I’m saying is –
you’re an asshole. Which was like the third thing I said to him when I
addressed him. I’m never yelling when I say these things. Just really casual and blunt, so he just laughed. But, no – he is an asshole. He agreed to it as well, so I’m not biased.

Overall it’s going pretty great:

Other than that, I’m having a blast and missing my boyfriend
terribly and his son. I miss my familia as well, but not as bad as my boyfriend


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