Adventures in Cambodia: Teaching Kindergartners for a Week


Walking into the Unknown

I honestly didn’t know what to expect. We were given vague information
about our students; we didn’t know their age groups or what they’ve been
working on. We had to make a diagnostic lesson. My lesson plan was too advance for them.  I had expected first, second grade level, but my students couldn’t write words. They knew the alphabet and they could speak pretty well, but in simple form. They were cute, full of energy, so I had difficulty getting them to do certain things. I had learned that you have to scrap some of your plans and to adapt to the students.

Our teaching practice was set up that we would be in class for 3 hours. One hour by yourself, one hour to observe, and one hour to co-teach.

At First Great then it Began to Descend:

My first two days I had felt pretty confident and although
my lesson plans were a bit difficult for them, most of them tried, which was a success. My last two days were the worst, I think it was because I was drained and I didn’t have much time to really create lesson plans that I would enjoy teaching. I couldn’t keep up with the kids and most of the time my students were engaged. It felt more like babysitting.

Overall Impression:

I still would love to teach young learners, and I think if you have the students for an entire semester or school year, you can learn how students learn best and cater to them, so that most students may be engaged and actually learn. You also grow bonds with your students.  Even with my short time teaching, I bonded with my students and I would have loved to continue to teach them.


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