My 7 Personal Symbols


I was listening to Happier with Gretchen Rubin, a health and wellness podcast, and she had mentioned personal symbols. Personal symbols allow you to understand yourself better in a fun way. Here are my personal symbols:

  • Ouroboros: The snake eating its tail symbolizes wholeness. This symbol encompasses my spiritual beliefs: All is One and One is All.
  • Hands: I chose hands because I love to create. I enjoy to express myself through writing, painting, drawing, and creating little crafts. Also hands show that I want to help people help themselves.
  • Libra Scales: I’m all about balancing my life. It could simply be balancing healthy food with junk food or to something more abstract such as being selfish and selfless. I crave to learn how to balance my mind, body, and spirit.


  • Female Warrior – I am definitely for female empowerment and I believe women are strong. Physically and mentally. Whenever I’m in a rut, I always think of myself as a female warrior and picking myself up onto a horse riding into a battle.
  • Book: Books are a form of storytelling, and although it only represents one form, the printed version, I do love all forms such as listening to stories or even watching films and shows.
  • Horse: Horses symbolize freedom and I crave freedom. Freedom to express myself without judgement, freedom to love, freedom to travel etc. I swear that the horse is also my spirit animal. I tend to dream of horses often, and not in a good way either. The horses in my dream are often large scary creatures behind a corral. I think my unconscious is telling me that I feel confined and I need to learn how to free myself.
  • World: I love to travel. I love to meet new people, experience new cultures, and eat different food!

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