Planning for Leisure Activities


What activities did I plan?

The activities I planned for are wine tasting, kayaking, camping at Joshua Tree, and visiting Korea Town. I had originally planned to go kayaking, but I’m postponing it because of the weather.

When I’ve planned these activities and tag:

I’ve created a tag at the right corner of the page. The corners of the pages will help me to find what I’ve planned for quickly. The tag includes the topic of my plan. For instance it could be a plan toward one of my life goals such as a career goal and it would be tagged, “Teacher.” But in this case I’ve tagged it as Nov. & Dec. Recreation. The tag also may include a time period so a set time frame is in place to complete the plan. In this case, I would like to do these activities during November and December.

How do I organize my plans?

Well it depends. For simpler tasks such as wine tasting, I only include where, when, with who, and I always like to create a budget so I know how much I need to save for the task. But, for activities that need more planning, I try my best to include everything such as my camping trip. I’ve also included a meal plan, grocery list, a budget breakdown, a packing list etc.


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