Children of Cambodia

They were my favorite part of Cambodia. Most of the children I had met were beggars or working for money, even in the smallest ways. For instance the children in the first photograph organized the shoes outside the temple and they would hand you your shoes when you came out. In return they left their hand out and waited for a tip. The children in the second photograph sold fruits and most of them are incredibly spunky! They speak English really well.

Once a child begged me for money and I didn’t give her any. She seemed about the age of 7 and told me, “no money, no honey.” She ran off and laughed. Another young girl, about the age of 9, called me out and said, “hey sexy lady.” I was wearing high waisted-shorts and a crop top.

The young girls in the second photograph were great at selling fruits; they made me feel guilty for only purchasing from one of the girls. I can still hear them tell me, “you have to buy from my friends too. It’s not nice not too.” haha! They made me laugh and sure enough I brought from 3 of them. I even had a child play rock paper scissors with me to negotiate the price. I had won, but she tried lying to me that she had won. I still paid for the price that I had wanted.

The children will say hi to you on the streets. They may not be always so nice, but they are friendly… and honest. I will definitely return to Cambodia for the sole purpose to befriend the children again.


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