Little Tokyo with Joe and Baby

Joe had suggested that he and I take a trip to Little Tokyo, so we planned to go during the weekend because he works every day of the week. We had planned to shop around Little Tokyo Market Place and the shops at the mall, but we pretty much ended up eating lunch there, buying a red bean bun, and on the way home we picked up some boba at Class 302 Cafe we, but  by then we were super full.  We couldn’t do much because baby was fussy, but I’m super glad he tagged along because I feel like he’s starting to warm up to me.

My Budget:

  • Gas: $15
  • Food: $16-20
  • Other: $10

Total = $45

I actually spent $10 for gas. $13 on lunch. $3 for mochi with red bean bun. Overall I spent $23.


lil tokyo with joe 014

We ate at T.O.T. Restaurant. It was packed and the prices were okay, but I ordered a chicken cutlet curry and most of it was curry with a small chicken, so it was a bit disappointing. lil tokyo with joe 009lil tokyo with joe 023lil tokyo with joe 027

After we ravaged our meal. Baby liked the fish eggs on the sushi, but spat out everything else. lil tokyo with joe 036lil tokyo with joe 043

Hers and His Mochi.



Overall, I loved spending the day with Joe. The only regret is that I would have bought a bento at lunch instead of the tonkatsu, chicken cutlet. Joe would like to go back because we didn’t really get the chance to explore and I would like to too, but maybe not so soon. There are other places I would like to explore with him before we revisit Little Tokyo, since I’ve been to Little Tokyo so often.  Our day closed with taking baby to his mom’s and Joe and I ordered some pizza. We ate in the car. It was great pizza and I was happy to have been with Joe and his son.


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