My 2015 Review

Theme: Beginning of a Transition Toward Autonomy

This year was a time for me to begin breaking away from my parent’s influence and control. I started the year telling them I did not believe in the Catholic path and that I had already found my own path. Of course, they didn’t take it well, and as much as this had caused pain, I’m learning to be true to myself.

What did I accomplish or didn’t from my 2015 goals:



I honestly didn’t accomplish much from my 2015 goals, but I had done things which I had never thought I would do. Most of my 2015 goals encompassed creating more pieces of art, writing a short story, taking more photographs, studying more of the topics I’m interested in, get a job abroad and with other miscellaneous desires.

I pretty much only accomplished hiking more often and taking photos often for my blog. I’m also in progress with a new short story.


What Would You Change:



I mostly spent this year trying to prepare myself for a career that I’ve realized I no longer want at the moment. I had prepared myself to teach English abroad, but I’ve realized that I have limited time with my loved ones and especially with my Grandma’s passing, it’s reinforced my desire to stay close by my family. I also spent most of my money and time preparing for that and it had taken me away from doing the things I love. One last thing I would change is not to spend my time with people who are undeserving or people who gives me no positive influence to my life.

What I Accomplished in 2015 and Didn’t Plan For:

  • I received my teacher’s certificate to teach abroad
  • I got a substitute job here in California
  • I found my first love
  • I became a swim instructor and I do love it!

Lessons I’ve Learned:

  • Don’t let people abuse you – be true to yourself
  • It’s okay to let go of something you’ve spent years working for if it’s not right for you at the moment
  • Don’t rush yourself to do things you’re not ready for

What Was Time Well Spent:


Photo source:

I loved the time I had spent with my cousins: Erika and Sarah.  I also was glad that I traveled, but would like to do it when it’s a better time for me. I was rushing to save money and had barely started dating Joe when I left to Cambodia. I would like to feel more prepared when I do travel next year. Lastly, I love working on my blog – it has become another outlet for me to write and to be hold accountable for taking photographs.

People I met this year and I would like to spend more time with:


Photo Source:

I met Karen during my trip to Cambodia and she and I became pretty close even if it was a short period of time. She’s planning to teach in South America and I would very much like to spend more time with her this upcoming year. She very much loves travel and she turns unexpected events into adventure, and I know she could teach me more of that.


How Can I Make Next Year Better:



The number one thing I would like to make sure I accomplish in 2016 is to find my community. I would like to have a group of people that I can spend time with and share my interests with. I’m thinking of joining a boxing class or an art community. Other little things I would like to complete in 2016: ear piercings, tattoo, and take my dog for her shots.

I also want to make sure I have strong boundaries: to say yes to the people I truly want to spend time with and no with those I feel I’m obligated to, but to also say no, to those I would like to spend time with, when I need time for myself.

Lastly, to balance how to put away some money toward savings and to enjoy leisure time.

Use these questions or prompts to help review your year and aid you in planning for 2016. My next post will be about how to use 2015 Review and to begin planning for 2016. Let me know how your year went in the comments!

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