Planning for Your Best Year Yet!


In order to create the life you want, you must  know what you desire and to create a plan to achieve it. Although, I do believe that what you plan does not always pan out the way you would like it to, I think it’s best to still create a plan for the now. It creates a security blanket, but never let it limit it you. If opportunities come your way, take it. Also what you think you want for the upcoming year may change, so make sure to be able to step back throughout the year and look at your goals and ensure that they align with what you want at that moment.

Find out what you desire:

1.Take a few minutes and create a mind map: lifetime, 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, life time. As shown below.


2. Now that you know what your main goals are, find out what areas in your life that you would like to improve for the next year.  If you need help finding out what that is here are a series of questions from I Never Knew I had a Choice from Gerald Corey that may help you.

Are you making time for taking care of yourself?

Are you accomplishing what you have set out each day? Are they things you  actually want to do?

Do you balance fun with work?

Do you make time for nurturing significant relationships?

Do you make time for meeting your spiritual needs?

Do you allow time for quiet reflection on your priorities in life?

Do you like the way you spend your time? What would you like more time of? What would you like to reduce or cut out?

The areas that I would like to focus are: health, travel, money, career, create more (art) and recognition, and fun and recreation.

3. Within these categories write your goals that you wish to achieve within the year of 2016. Make sure to write specific goals ie. instead of writing “lose weight,” write how much you would like to weigh. Or, if you write “read more,” write how much books you would like to read per month. Make sure to include goals that will bring you closer to your main goals from step 1. For instance, I see myself owning a shop as my lifetime goal, and in order to bring myself closer to that, I will take a business management class.

Here are my 2016 goals:

bfastandblog 019bfastandblog 021


  • Physical: Weigh 135 & maintain it; be a size 7
    • Insanity 30 days
    • Gym: Strength 2x a week
    • Cardio: 3x a week
    • Join Boxing
    • Have a fitness trainer for 2-3 months
    • Yoga 2X a week
    • log meals and exercise daily
  • Spiritual: 
    • Write in dream journal at least 4x a month
    • Interpret dream journal at least 1x a month
    • Meditate at least 1x a week


  • Have an adventure job during the summer
    • Teach English in Korea/ Japan: need board and airfare
    • Camp guide
    • Au Pair
  • Volunteer at a nonprofit
    • Homeless
    • Orphanage
    • Immigrants
  • Get a Business certificate

Fun and Recreation:

  • Decorate self
    • tattoo
    • ear peircings
  • Take a digital art class
  • Take a history, geography, and English class
  • Read 12 books
  • Kayak
  • Hike
  • Urban explore
  • Concert
  • Knit a quilt
  • Embroider a circle

Create More & Attract Recognition:

  • Do 1 challenge for:
    • Photography
    • Poetry
    • Journaling
  • 5 Paintings
  • 2 Short stories
  • Submit artwork and stories to publishers and contests at least 3x
  • Submit blog posts to known bloggers 5x


  • Camp at Joshua Tree with Joe
  • Visit Karen in Peru
  • Roadtrip to Oregon/ One trip abroad


  • Pay loans monthly: $50
  • Pay mom by the end of this year: $500; monthly: $25/$50
  • Save $600 for Emergency by the end of this year; monthly: $50
  • Save $2500 for Car: $200 monthly

Create a Plan:

1. Write an action plan. For instance, I want to weigh 135 and maintain it. In order to achieve that, I need an action plan. My action plan is to do cardio at least 3 X a week and strength 2 X a week. In order to push myself, I include joining a boxing class and even paying for a fitness trainer for 3 months.

2. Write down a date or time frame you would like to achieve it by or a frequency.  Saving $5000 for my apartment is a whole year process, but in order to achieve that I will ensure I set aside a certain amount of money from my paycheck each paycheck to reach my goal by the end of the year. But, with joining a boxing class, I write a date, March 3rd, I would like to sign up by.

3. Hold yourself accountable. Make sure when you’re planning your daily to do lists to include action plans, even if they are minuscule, to come closer to completing your yearly goals.


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