Quick Guide to Planning for the Week (Working Toward Your Best Year Yet)


When I plan for the week it is based off my monthly goals, tasks, and budget. That way I’m working my way toward fulfilling my yearly goals. But, if you feel the need to eliminate something or add something from your monthly goals, go right ahead! Make sure to update your yearly goals too though if your goals have changed.

If you have yet to create your monthly goals, check out this post here: https://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/planning-for-the-month-and-budgeting-working-toward-creating-your-best-year-yet/ to help you get started.

1.Create an overview of the Week.


 The overview will allow you to see dates and appointments you have planned for the week. In my overview I write bills due, dates with friends and family, appointments, trips to the store, days I want to go to the gym, and the days I work, since I tend to have a different work schedule every week.


2.Create a weekly log.


Now what you log depends on your needs and your lifestyle. You may want to log your chores or even your income if you don’t get paid on a schedule. A log helps you keep track of things you do on a daily bases or anything you know you will do during the week that you want to keep track or progress of. I log:

  • Food and water intake: This helps me by ensuring that I eat the best that I possibly can. I also tend to easily get sick if I eat processed foods often, so I am able to look at all my meals on one page and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also track my water intake.
  • Expected Budget: This isn’t necessarily a log, but I like to keep true to my monthly budget. I look at what I have planned from overview of the week and if I plan to go grocery shopping during the week or planning to go to the movies I create a budget according to that and within my monthly budget.
  • Expenses: I track what I actually spend.
  • Exercise: I like to do cardio 3 times a week so I make 3 bullet points beneath my cardio category. I then log the minutes and what type of cardio I did for that day. I also include the date completed, and occasionally, the distance if it can be recorded. I also log my strength workouts. I have two bullet points beneath this category. Lastly, I log my yoga workouts. I also have two bullet points beneath this category.
  • Habits:  My habits are related to my morning routine, night routine, and personal care. These can change, but at the moment I enjoy doing a morning yoga sequence everyday (this doesn’t count as my yoga workout), taking vitamins in the morning,  writing in my dream journal, and prioritizing 3 things of my daily tasks. My night routine consists of washing face, brushing my teeth & flossing, and braiding my hair. Personal care is to do my nails, pluck eyebrows, and writing in my journal.


3. Write down your Goals/ Tasks.


Look over your monthly goals and incorporate them within your weekly goals by breaking them down. For instance, if I want to read one book for the month, I will write in my weekly goals to read 4 chapters a week. My goals and tasks consist of 7 categories, which are: create (creative), fun and recreation, career, learn, chores, and misc. 

4.Take notes for what you want to do for the following week.

I leave some room to write what I may need to for the following week. I don’t always write in this spot, but it’s nice to leave a spot for future planning.


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