The Struggle of Depression and the Opportunity for Great Change


Back Story: The day started out with the plan to have a picnic for the celebration of my sister and cousin. The sun was warm and the wind cool. We first made our own sandwiches. My sister and I provided the materials for the sandwiches, one of my cousins provided dessert, and the other two cousins provided snacks and drinks. We made it out to a park and had lunch there talking about random stuff in our lives. When we returned to my home, we all began to open up about our struggles that we chose to hide. I saw a different side to one of my cousins. For most of her life, she had followed the way our culture told her how to live: go to school, follow her parent’s religion, have a perfect body, and have a group of friends. She tried so hard to achieve this cookie-cutter life, that she was ignoring what her higher-self desired, and because she did, the universe sent her the struggle of depression. It is a sign to look at your life and ask yourself, what do I need to change in my life to become true to myself?

Depression is a sign from the Universe: Depression may be caused by stressful events in your life, but in the case of my cousin, it wasn’t so. It may be biological, but that doesn’t mean the universe isn’t speak to you. Either way your body, your mind, your spirit is telling you: you need to make changes in order to live a fuller life.

Because my cousin was trying to live a life that didn’t align with her higher-self, she began to experience unexpected anger and sadness. It began when she made a radical change in her diet. She counted calories and cut out any type of junk food. She lost weight, quickly. But, even though she was extremely thin, she still believed she wasn’t thin enough. Our culture had embedded an unrealistic ideal of what beauty was in her mind. She also stresses beyond an average student about her school performance. She wasn’t experiencing large stressers in her life, but either way the universe was trying to tell her to step away from this life and to move forward to the life her higher-self desired.

Depression cannot be cured by a pill: I DO believe that anti-depressants can help you tremendously, but if you do not change your living habits, depression can creep back. When my acid-reflux was at my worst, I was prescribed anti-acid pills. I took them daily. For awhile, I felt better, and I wasn’t waking up at night puking out my guts. I thought that I had only needed to take these pills and that it would cure me, so I continued my eating habits. But, after a few months, my acid caught up to me. I knew that pills wouldn’t help, I had to change my life; I began to eat cleaner and exercise regularly. I documented the foods that upset my stomach and cut out the foods that hurt me. Ever since then, my health has significantly improved.

So, do take those pills, but ALSO look at your life and change what needs to be changed the way that feels the best for you. 

Make life changes that fit best for you: My cousin’s therapist had suggested to her to try a few tips for her insomnia. My cousin would try them once; whether it was to meditate or write in a journal. They weren’t helping, but she also didn’t feel motivated to try them a second time. One, you won’t have motivation when you’re depressed, but to take care of yourself, you need the discipline. If you push yourself to execute the actions, the feeling will have a higher chance of arising within you. For instance if you go out regularly and hang out with friends, even if you don’t feel like it, the feeling of wanting to socialize may come to you. Two, what works for most people, may not work for you. Discover what works for you. My sister has anxiety and vouches that ASMR puts her to sleep at night, but although this may work for her, this may not work for my cousin. My cousin though needs the discipline to try these things a couple of times to see if it works for her, but if it doesn’t she can explore other methods that help her.




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