NineNine Jiu Jitsu Academy



NineNine Jiu Jitsu Academy is located in San Diego and Wildomar, South California. NineNine in Wildomar provides lessons for Brazilian jiu jitsu, MMA, submission grappling, boxing, and kickboxing. There are adult classes and classes for children.

What is Jiu Jitsu:


“Jiu jitsu is a martial art, combat sport, and a self-defense system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting.” It is designed to allow a smaller person to defend against a bigger person by taking a fight to the ground, “and then applying joint-locks and choke holds to defeat the opponent.” – Wikipedia

Class Setup:

The class begins with everyone in a circle, stretching. After stretches a warm-up is assigned. The warm-up usually consists of front rolls, back rolls, and hip escapes. Occasionally the warm-up differs. After everyone is warmed up, a new form is introduced and demonstrated. Then, everyone pairs off and drills the technique. After drilling, the class practices sweeps/escapes. The last part of class is left for rolling.

My First Experience:

It was nerve-racking to go through the doors of nine-nine. I wanted to try out boxing and my boyfriend wanted me to give jiu-jitsu a try, but I had zero experience with any type of martial arts. It didn’t matter though that I was afraid; I knew I had to give it a chance if I wanted to learn how to defend myself.

I also didn’t know how the class was setup nor anything about jiu jitsu. I was having the strongest urge to just leave and give it up, but I’m so glad that I didn’t. My first day wasn’t the greatest because I couldn’t grasp the rules or concept of jiu-jitsu, but since I had already passed my initial fear, I was ready to go again. The second day I went made me realize how much fun it was. I still had no clue, and after three weeks of attending, I’m still struggling to understand, but I love it. The people are friendly and encouraging, and to roll, or spar, with people is extremely gratifying. I never fought in my life, but it feels great to release that energy in a friendly and competitive manner.

I’ve been looking for something to do that is physically demanding, teaches self-defense, and allows me to become a part of a community for a long time, and now that I’ve found  NineNine, I know this was the place I was looking for.



My boyfriend has been practicing Jiu-Jitsu since 2009 and can vouch this is a great place for content. He is also an amateur fighter for MMA, and believes there are great people who attend this school for sparring. There are a few blue belts, a purple belt, and two brown belts (to my knowledge).

For a beginner like me, some material may be a little too advanced for me, but the teachers here are always kind enough to show me the basics so that I may drill those.



NineNine has a few weights to the side; I really haven’t seen anyone use them, but it’s nice to know that I have that option if I ever want to quit my other gym, so I can simply use theirs. Ninenine has plenty of punching bags that are also doubly used as seating on the mat. 4 bags occasionally hang for boxing class. There are also loaner gis and belts, boxing gloves, shin guards, punch mitts, and Muay Thai pads. The loaner gis are washed after every use.



As I’ve said before, the people are incredibly friendly and encouraging. The teachers are also always ensuring that students are drilling the technique properly; they are always willing to demonstrate as much as you need, and they will go over the technique with you step by step, if needed.


The price is about a $100 a month, but it is a great price considering that it covers your boxing class and jiu jitsu class, which you can attend every day. Classes are about an hour and hour 30 min (for jiu jitsu). Sometimes you can even stay for an extended session (for advanced) or stay for open mat if the teachers stay. I’ve known places that’ll charge for $145 for class sessions that are once a week, so this a great price. Especially if it is for my health, my enjoyment, and for my self protection.



I would say this place is 9/10 simply because I don’t have anything to compare it to, and it would be nice if they also had the gym opened for  open mat over the weekend.




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