Aqua Adventures, San Diego Review


Overview: Aqua Adventures is a rental store for water sports. They have rentals for single, tandem kayaks, canoes, and paddle boarding.  They are located in San Diego, Mission Bay. Rentals include life vests and paddles.

Price: Aqua Adventures is incredibly affordable! For a tandem kayak it was $20 – split that between your friend and it’s $10 for an hour and a half. If you want an extra half hour it is $4. Half a day rental is $44 in comparison to nearby rentals that range around $60 – $70. You can check out the rest of their prices on their webpage:

Customer Service: Everyone we met who worked there were friendly and helpful. They answered all questions we had.

Location: The location wasn’t the greatest because we were in a harbor; it was loaded with boats, water jet skis, and yachts. I was hoping to have more of natural elements. In the future, I would like to kayak a cave or something of the sort. There were seals in the area, which was a cool thing to see though.

Overall: I had so much fun for a great price. I would do it again here, but I would definitely like to try new locations. I would give Aqua Adventures a 7/10. Simply because location is a great factor for me.

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