October 2016 Goals + Reflections



Usually during the month of September, I forget about my yearly goals and I get trapped in a routine, so to fix that I made a chart to see how I am spending my time. This was to allow me to see if I was spending my time wisely. The chart is below:


Taken from: https://www.themuse.com/advice/the-easiest-way-to-see-if-youre-spending-your-time-right

In addition to this chart, I would like to create a weekly chart to see how much time I’m spending with those I love to ensure I am also counting my social needs! I’ve decided from looking at my chart that I’m sleeping too much. I need to cut my nap and only make it a 20 min nap. Lastly, I should at least workout 1 hr a day, but if possible to make it two hours.

October Goals:


  • Speak to a career counselor about nursing program
  • Attend nursing program workshop
  • Get an intl. driving permit


  • Read vampire anthology
  • Photograph ballet/ Joe’s fight/ picnic and blog
  • Write a short story

Improve Self:

  • Improve social skills by reading social skills text
  • Improve humor by watching Adventure Time and Insecure
  • Work on self esteem notebook
  • Write 1X a day in ABC Though diary

Note: the social skills and humor were my lowest strengths, you can find out your strengths here: https://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/learn-your-strengths-and-utilize-them/

Note: ABC thought diary is to improve misconstrued thoughts, which is discussed here: https://nataliesalchemy.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/therapy-session-ii/


  • Starbucks: job & home search
  • Picnic with boba and pastries
  • Couple’s massage for my birthday


  • fix outlet
  • buy emmy’s bed
  • buy laundry basket

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