Self Care Apps (Cater to Your Needs)



  • Cost: Free; Premium: $4.99
  • Features: With this app, you’ll be able to keep track of your life’s goals. With the free plan, you’ll add your own photos or add the limited list of ideas for your life’s to do list. You can also put a deadline and prioritize it. Once you complete the task, you can add it to your “Done” list. With premium, you can add a to do list on the image and check your progress.
  • What’s it good for: It help you keep track of your life’s goals and you won’t lose track of the bigger picture.


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Thought Diary

  • Cost: Free
  • Features: My therapist didn’t recommend this app, but she did tell me to keep a cognitive behavioral diary, which this allows you to just that on your phone! This app is pretty basic: an entry, choose from a list of emotions, rate your distress, write down the situation and the negative thoughts that stemmed from it, choose from cognitive distortions, write down your challenging thoughts, and outcome.
  • What’s it good for: First of all, what is a cognitive behavioral diary? It’s a diary that allows you to look at your distorted thoughts, and to pinpoint your unhealthy behaviors. Once you see your distorted thoughts, you can challenge your thoughts into a more realistic view, and thus, a healthier point of view, so that you don’t have to obsess over situations. Ie. if your boss gave you  a strange look as she or he passed you, and you may be thinking that you did something wrong, but in reality they could have just coincidentally made that face as you passed by! This app will help you with your negative thoughts!


Grid Diary

  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Record your mood and weather for the day. A list of pre-existing prompts that you can choose from to create your own personal grid or you can make your own prompts.
  • What’s it good for:  This app helps you either set up your day or allows you to reflect on the day. I use my app for both the morning and night. In the morning, I use the prompt, “what’s your intention for the day?” I then use the rest of the prompts for a reflection of my day, which you can see below. It also helps me figure out how I can make my day better tomorrow. This is also the place where I keep my gratitude list. You can also add more than 8 questions, but I try to keep it a minimum, so that I can do this every day.



  • Cost: $1.99
  • Features: Use a pre-existing plan or create your custom plan. Track your food intake by food category and track your water, exercise intake.
  • What’s it good for: For keeping track of your food intake without the hassle of counting calories! I used myfitnesspal for awhile, and it’s great, but it is time consuming. This app allows me to see if I’m eating healthy and forces me to see what I’m missing from diet!


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  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Track your period and ovulation cycle. Track your symptoms, sex drive, and sex. There’s also a community component, so if you need to talk with others about birth control, sex and love, it is there for you!
  • What it’s good for:



  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Guided meditation videos.
  • What’s it good for: I would have included a guided mediation app, but I haven’t found the right one for me yet, and I always know that youtube has an extensive list of guided meditations that I can go to each morning, so I’ll give you guys my playlist, so that you can use!

Guided Meditations Link: Click Here


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