20 Intentions to Start Your Day Consciously for a Healthier, Happier You.

Live an intentional life by starting your day right with morning affirmations! Remind yourself of the life you want, the life you are creating! A happier, healthier, more creative you!

Every morning, I try to take the time to set an intention for the day. I’ll write this down, but for you, it may be more effective if you say it out loud or tell yourself while you look in the mirror. Intentions are important to help you have a clearer understanding of how you want to set your day, and thus, lead your life.


  1. I live in alignment with abundance.
  2. I am successful in everything that I do.
  3.  I am taking one step closer to my dreams.
  4. I am courageous and take the steps to live closer to my dream.
  5. I am open to all new, adventurous possibilities.
  6. Creativity comes to me easily.
  7. I am grateful for every moment of my day.
  8. Laughter is most precedent in my day.
  9. I am living in the moment.
  10. I have healthy, loving relationships.
  11. I love others and I am loved.
  12. I build loving and supporting friendships.
  13. I work with supportive and friendly individuals.
  14. I communicate with others efficiently and healthy.
  15. I am eating foods that make me stronger and healthier.
  16. I am in good health.
  17. I strengthen my connection with the Universe, God, Higher-self.
  18. I let go of the illusion of control.
  19. I love and respect myself.
  20. I am safe and secure.
Read now to get 20 ideas to create an intentional life!

Tips to Make your Own Intentions Effective:

  • When creating your own intentions, make sure to set it in the present moment. If you set your intentions in the future, it will always be something held in the future. E.g. I will begin eating healthy. That means you are not currently eating healthy, but looking forward to it in the future. As in, I’ll start eating healthy on the weekend, which may/may not happen. Make it in the now.
  • When creating your own intentions, make sure to set it in the positive. If you are working towards being thinner, you may set your intention, “I am losing weight.” This makes you focus on the losing weight, which may make you believe that you always need to lose weight and that you are not reaching that satisfactory body you are aiming towards. So instead, intend, “I am fitter and healthier.”
  • When creating your intentions, visualize it. Visualize it with details, with the sense of smell, emotion, noise, and touch. Visualize how that intention will play out during your day. If your intention is to communicate with others efficiently and healthy, who will be in your day today that you need to communicate? How will that look like?

Other Great intention ideas found at this site: https://www.livealifeyoulove.com/sample-intentions/

Do you have an intention routine, and if so, what do you keep in your intention list?

xx Natalie

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