Legacy Goals: A way to Stay More Focused in Life


I was finding from more blogs that many people had legacy goals. and it has inspired me to take a look at my life and see what kind of life I would like to lead.

What are legacy goals?

Legacy goals are goals that plan how you would like to live out your life. Although I do have a life bucket list, you can easily forget the things that matter to you and how you would like to live your life. You may get stuck in the cycle of work, family, and chores, and you may no longer see what was important to you. You may forget your dreams. Legacy goals is to leave behind an imprint of you on the world – how you would like the world to remember you.  So, go ahead and start to write down how you want people to remember you, what you would like to achieve in this life time. I made sure to try to limit mine to less than 10 because it may be difficult to make choices to too many goals.

  • To help others help themselves
  • To teach others that we are all one: all humans, animals, and earth. That we must strive to protect and love one each other.
  • Remain a life long learner: travel and school.
  • To inspire others through my life and my work
  • To remain athletic and adventerous
  • To find agape love: to love and to be loved spiritually, mentally, and physically

After you finish writing your goals, it may help to compile it into one mission statement.

Mission Statement: To inspire others through my life and my work to live as our best selves and to live as All is One.


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