My 2016 Review


Theme: Setting Roots and Discovering What I Would Like to do for the Future

What did I accomplish from my 2016 goals or didn’t:

This year was very much more productive than my last, and I think it has to do with using a bullet journal. I accomplished many of my health goals: I started boxing, implemented a self care hour that includes yoga and meditation, and I continued to do strength training at the gym. For my career, I was glad to found an adventure job for the summer, which was working at a girl scout camp. For fun and recreation: I kayaked, hiked, read 11/ 12 books, and took classes that peaked my interest. Although I didn’t travel at all this year, I did book a trip to Japan this upcoming January. I also didn’t do much creatively, but I haven’t entirely been feeling creative.


What would I change:

I found myself often needing company and I would always turn to my boyfriend, but when we were having a hard time in our relationship, I would have no one to turn to, so this upcoming year, I would definitely like to find my social niche. Although I did meet plenty new people, it has been difficult for me to meet up with friends because they do not live close.

What I accomplished in 2016 that I didn’t plan for:

I found a new sport that I absolutely love, jiu jitsu. I also discovered that I would love to become a holistic health coach, and thus, found my career trajectory. I now know what I want to work towards. Lastly, I discovered the au pair job and I know I’ll definitely find more families that I would like to stay with, so I can travel new areas in the future.

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Lessons I’ve learned:

  • You are where you are supposed to be. You aren’t supposed to be anywhere else. There is nothing you should be doing, only that you want to do something else.
  • You can plan for the future, but it doesn’t always pan out to be the way you would like it. So, you can plan, but don’t stress about the future and enjoy the moment you are in now.

What was time well spent:

This year, I am definitely glad that I found jiu jitsu. I also think it was great that I worked at the girl scout camp. Although it was difficult and sometimes unenjoyable, I met wonderful people there. Also, working as a substitute teacher was time well spent – that way I can save for a home, nursing school, and traveling.

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People I met this year I would like to spend more time with:

Katie, Courtney, and Kassy. Katie is such a great friend and a wonderful person to talk to; she is chill and non-judgemental. Courtney is sweet and friendly. Kassy is relate-able, funny,  and fun to talk to.

How can I make next year better:

Spend more time with girlfriends! Make time to hang out with them on a weekend basis. Join social groups to meet more people and to create a social niche. Ie. meetup for hiking, urban exploring, and writing. Join a codependent weekly meeting, a yoga group.

What did you learn this year?
What would you change from this year to make next year better for you?
Leave your answer in the comment section!

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