My 2017 Goals

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Family Holiday Festival Conce

1. Life-long Goals

  • Become a Holistic health coach
  • To have my own nonprofit that assists single women find the help they need for child care, securing a career or getting into school, helping find financial aid, career counseling, support groups, women’s birth control and health care.
  • Travel the world
  • Inspire others through my writing, and my life
  • To remain adventurous


Actionable Steps

  • Holistic Health Coach:
    • Go to school and complete prerequisites for nursing
  • Nonprofit:
    • Find a clinic for women to volunteer at/ summer job
    • Create a binder with career options/ prerequisites for women’s health practitioner, health coach, and nonprofit
  • Travel:
    • Japan
    • Oregon
    • Alaska
  • Inspire:
    • Blog & vlog
    • Photograph travels
    • Write a story
  • Adventure:
    • Kayak
    • Hike
    • Visit a museum
    • Horseback riding

Teenagers Friends Beach Party Happiness Concept


  • Social:
    • Go to weekly meetings for codependency
    • Spend more time with: Kassy, Karen, Margaret, Courtney, and Katie; hang out with a friend every weekend
    • Travel to Oregon with Margaret and Alaska with Karen
    • Once a month find a meetup for hiking, writing, and urban exploring
  • Mental:
    • Therapy
    • Codependent meetings
    • Self care every day
    • Take classes that I enjoy: Japanese, literature, creative writing
  • Physical:
    • Work towards a blue belt in jiu jitsu
    • Box at least once a week
    • Yoga: crow pose and headstand
    • Start lifting
    • Cycle and swim


  • Personal Space:
    • Konmari method
  • Savings:
    • Home: $5,000
    • Debt: $50 monthly
    • Nursing School: $2,500 by the end of the year; $320 monthly for 8 months


What are your 2017 goals that you would like to share? Leave them in the comment section.



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