Guide to Create Your Own Successful Youtube Channel


I’ve compiled a few ideas from successful youtube channels, and used their ideas to give you the guide to create your own successful channel. Of course when the time comes when you create your channel, you may have your own ideas, so use them! It’ll make you stand out and you won’t be a clone to the rest of vlogging community. But, if you are having difficulty getting started, this is the guide for you. I also chose a few youtubers to create this guide, and thus, they have their own style in comparison to the many people who have a youtube channel. Because I’m a lifestyle blogger, I was drawn to these few channels, so you may want to check out other guides before you get started to discover what works for you.

Figure out your goal for the vlog. What does your vlog serve?

  • My vlog’s purpose is a tool to enhance my blog. As much as I love writing and reading, I know that my audience doesn’t necessarily agree, so visuals will definitely boost my blog. My blog’s goal is to inspire others through my life to become our best selves, and to live All is One.

Figure out your content. What will your vlog feature?

  • Is your vlog about makeup tutorials? Fashion? Or are you a globetrotter who wishes to share your travels? Or are you simply documenting your life to inspire others?
  • My vlog is an extension of my blog, and thus, my content will surround holistic health and wellness: mental, social, physical, and spiritual health.

Brand your youtube channel.

  • Brand your youtube channel with a great header with your youtube channel’s name, and if you’d like with a short description of the content of your channel. Here are some great examples below:
  •  You also want to brand your channel with a fabulous profile picture; make sure it’s a clear photo of you and represents your blog
  • Brand within your videos. You can either brand it in the beginning or end, or both! Preferably, I’d brand it in the beginning.
  • When creating your thumbnails for your videos, try to keep a consistent style of your blog. If you choose to include a still image with the title of the video, use the same font or overlay to keep your vlog consistent, and thus recognizable by viewers. I personally enjoy the collage of images from the video or a still image with the title name on it.

Market on Social Media

  • With more platforms, the more people you will reach. So, if you haven’t already, choose a few social media platforms that you think you’ll enjoy using to reach your audience. I personally would never use twitter. I am not witty and cannot think of anything short and simple to say, nor do I have something to say to everyone every hour of my day. I personally have never used instagram, but I love taking photographs, so this will be my other method of social media. I do use tumblr, but I’m not sure if I’ll bring that into play. I’ll keep my facebook for my personal use.
  • You’ll want to share your social media pages in the description section of your videos, and, or, at the end of your videos.


Edit & Film your Youtube videos

  • Keeping it simple and clean is key; no one wants to see gimmick transitions or loud obnoxious music. Audio mustn’t be muffled or off-putting. Visually, we want to see what you are filming, so if you can, use decent quality camera!
  • If you are going to put background music make sure it’s mellow and your audience can still hear you speaking
  • When speaking in your videos, make sure not to tell at your viewers; if they are wearing headphones, you don’t want to hurt them!




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