Date Diary Entry# 1

It was February 14th, and I had just come back from Japan 2 days before. I had written a letter to my boyfriend and gathered chocolate mochi in a cute box that said, “I love you.” My boyfriend had just texted me that he wouldn’t be ready till 3:00 p.m., an hour away. I was okay with that because I was in the midst photographing my valentine’s day outfit. dscn4196

Isn’t it adorable? Haha, well 3:00 came along and Joe tells me that he’ll need 10 more minutes. I didn’t mind 10 minutes, but those 10 minutes came along and I didn’t receive word from him. Another 20 minutes passed, and I was growing impatient and angry. So, I texted him that I was on my way and that I was hungry! We were planning to go on a picnic for a late lunch.

I arrived at his house and he was finishing up my cake; I felt so bad for being angry at him because he was working on the cake he baked me. It was his first time baking.


We left the house and headed to the lake and stopped by the creek area and ate our lunch. It was a nice day. We read the letters we wrote each other and took photographs. 16730606_1775130705845937_116950681062994707_n16708499_1775130689179272_5823645215211547428_n

We headed home and snuggled in together to watch Evil Dead with coffee. After we had our fill of horror and laughter, we ended the night with massages, candlelight, and kisses.

I forgot that I enjoyed documenting our dates at the beginning of our relationships, so I want to continue this through the Date Diary series. Joe and I have great plans for our dates because we don’t want our interest in each other to fizzle, which often happens to couples who get stuck in the routine of their lives. A couple may get caught up with work and children, and they forget to take time for each other. So, I created a couple’s to do list in my bullet journal, which I will make a post soon of. The dates listed on there are low cost/ free such as rock climbing nearby at our local rock gym, visiting museums and swap meets, and watching a movie at a drive in theatre. So stay tuned for my Date Diary series!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Do you have a couple’s bucket list, and if so, what are some dates that you plan to go on with your significant other?

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